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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

baobei n me.. taken yesterday...

i love tis pic lots.... if is clear by a little will be better... so sweet of my baobei.. he went to find wo yesterday.... muack muack.. love him so much.. when to take tis pic wit baobei de x70 norx... keke.. i today again guai kia.. at hm do nth coz no money cannot go out.. i miss my baobei very very much.. baobei i love u.. muack.. miss u lotsz....

[ jovan* ]
at 3:54 PM

Monday, April 19, 2004

erm come hm after skool.... see i am so guai... hehe i left wit 7dollar for tis month.. mati le.. =x... den shimei later come to moi hs.. change phone... =Ppp den feel very bolaio take a few pic wit jas.... tis is one of the pic me n jas taken... nth else to said... buai...

[ jovan* ]
at 5:25 PM

Sunday, April 18, 2004

finally i am hm to blog.. lolx... was not at hm for the past few days... when to meet baobei after skool on friday.... den slack till at night den when sparks... when there still early.. den meeted shimei n huiru... den headed cenilusure slack slack a while den when to sparks le lo... so the sian.. mircale dunno play 4 or 5 times...zZZzz.... den 2am+ when to baobei hm le... sleep till dunno wat time den wake up... at night like tat when to jimmy hs .. baobei go play majong.. den abt 10+pm.. headed to moi hm le... hehe.. home sweet home.... lend some vcd n vcd from jimmy .. but cannot see.. lousy com... den dvd player outside... den sunday night den go baobei hs for a while cook eggs , naggets... makan till very full worx... hehe.... den when hm le.. =p btw i took a pic wit baobei using my web cam.. i look damm fat..

[ jovan* ]
at 5:14 PM

Thursday, April 15, 2004

taken tis pic wit ting hp.. =p

when to meet ting after skool .. when to city hall.. intend to go interview job de... but when to penisular to put tattoo instead.... put a tribal at my ankel there... so pain -___-|| ... den go walk walk.. when to maridian .. the tattoo there damm nice... got a tribal love.. gona put tat when i have the money... =x... slack at town till nite den go hm lo..

[ jovan* ]
at 5:06 PM

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Listening:Sammi Cheng-Mei Li De Wu Hui
me n lene... taken few days ago but i nv blog so nv post.... =p

when back after skool lo... todat the history teacher damm fark up lo... chase me out of the class.. jus beccause i was talking.. damm cb lo.. make me so angry.... den i when out of class said wat i not scare ah lian blah blah blah de.... den i open the door go him ask him said again .. i am not a lian lo... i jus simply hate the way he tok all tat lo.. act till like he very big like tat... KNS.... teacher big fuck lah.. pui pui.... den i when out of the class.. when back a little later.. my phone at class forget take... -__-||.. whaha.. den when down to wait for shi mei... den when to english class... study... lolx... den go market eat again.... eat le den when sk .. go cp find slipper... but dun have the wan i wan.... =[... n so now i was at hm le.. very guai bah.. so early reach hm.. i dun wan baobei worry abt me.... =p.... baobei i miss u miss u lots.. muack muack

[ jovan* ]
at 2:29 PM

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Listening:Come Home

hehe ... today i very very happy dunno y..... when to meet baobei after skool end.... i was late.. sorry baobei... den go his hs a while den wait for him to pom pom den go my hs nor...hehe... slack at moi hs till nitez den go eat dinner wit my baobei + mama + papa... intend to go chom chom eat de.. but 22 april 04 den open den go near by eat ... den papa send baobei hm de headed hm le nor.... =Ppp althought not much thing done today but my mood is damm gd.. hehe... =Ppp

[ jovan* ]
at 10:30 PM

Monday, April 12, 2004

Listening:B.a.d- Wo De Cuo

when to meet baobei after skool lo.. slack at his hs.... den i feel very tired.. so go slp lo.. =Ppp sleep till night den wake up..... den when to coffee shop eat... saw mama n papa there.. =x... so the sway.. lolx... den after eat le den when hm le lo... i miss my baobei lots.. muack

[ jovan* ]
at 10:19 PM

Sunday, April 11, 2004


when to meet baobei at abt 5pm like tat ..actually is meet at morning de.. he wait for me chiong come back.. but instead i when to my frenz hs n ton... sorry baobei.... den when i was abt to go hm.. we started qurrel cause of xiao qiang de thing lo... den we break.. wah paing i cry till very jialat.. my mind was so many dunno who to chose... andy or qiang... i feel so bad n guilty + sorry... andy is a gd stead yet i treat him like tat.. i am so flirtz... haiz.. sobz.... but after i break wit andy not long den patch back wit him again.. i really cant dun have in my life lo... gEr iN tEaRs....

[ jovan* ]
at 11:12 PM

listening:duan dian.. =x
mood: =[

me n ying taken at mrt station b4 we when clubbing.. i miss her so much...

when clubbing wit ying, aimin, ting, lene n jan.... first time go MS wor.. when to club 3.. den Angel ... saw many of my frenz there.. =x... wat a crowed place.. it has been a very long time since i go clubbing.. miss the days...abt 6 month nv go chiong at all le.. cant really get use to tat type of place.. =x... hehe feel a little uneasy lo... n there aways shout gang poem de.. -___-|| keke.. hehe.. den after tat when to marina sounth.. go ying work de pub lo.. damm big wor compare to pther pub lo.. hehe.. =PPp so the tired....

[ jovan* ]
at 12:24 AM

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Listening:Zhang Jing Xuan - Duan Dian
mood: Fine ^__^y

erm today very guai.... nv go anywhere... end skool at 10am but i jus reach hm.. coz i accopany jas wait till 2 den she go find her stead... =x... yeah.. shimei come my skool study also.. got 1 more ppl pei wo le.. =Ppp ^__^ y .. hehe.. so happy... meeted yenling .. she pontan nv go skool come my skool find wo -____-| paikia leh u... hehe... den when to ask my x430 trade how much.. the most $200 nia.. sobz... every shop said my casing dunno like wat.. whaha... poor little x430.. i wan Nokia 7200.. haiz.. nec tat wan no need work le... dun tink they wan wo.. going find another job again... i really broke le... today the 6th.. yet i onli left wit $100 .. how i survice till 30th sia.. sure mati de.. hehe... must earn some $$ arh bo cannot enjoy my ktv .. + etc... lolx... anybody got work must intro wo worx... baobei u mus be very happy bah.. today so guai ... so early go hm.. nv worry abt me le bah.. =p.. hehe ok.. finally my blog i can go in le.. but i cant go in my own web.. tink i going to revamp my web den close all lo.. is usless putting so many web den nv update lo.. =Ppp ok i go tink of revamp wo de web de things le.. take care...

[ jovan* ]
at 2:41 PM

Sunday, April 04, 2004

seem tat i many days nv write le.. erm sorry tis few day either busy or not at hm.. n on be half my com sot i cant get in my blog it seem to hang eveytime once i go in... n it load very slow nowday...
ton at baobei hs lo.. wait up at abt 2+pm bah.. den i damm sleepy when to slp again till night den when to slack wit baobei n frenz at bp there den i when hm... actually going out wit baobei later but i nv go.. feelin lazy n tired... den jus stay at hm lo...
after skool wanted to go hm... but it started raining so waited for the rain stop den when hm.. got to work today de.. but i no sound le.. coz yesterday sing too much bah... so nv go for work... when hm have a bath den when to town meet jas & alan , qiang , fabian.. when to party world ... haiz cant sing even a song.. tok also hard to tok... =[ sob.. so when they sing a song i dun like i change to the next song... sort of sot tio ktv le... fun mah.. haiz..tis day i n baobei got some troble.. feel tat i cant really get along wit him tat well.. the things i wan to do n i like.. he mostly dun like den like very the wat lo... haiz... den we waited for alan to finish work den headed to fabain hs...when to watch vcd... baobei bomb my phone abt 30+ time den i reply him.. not i dun wan to reply.. is tat he sure scold me if he noe i wit guy... he when down to my frenz hs jus to bring him back to his hs... seriously speaking.. i very dulan lo... i watch the show halfway de den he.... haiz... is cause he worry tat i wit guy..but.. i dun find anyting wrong wit it lo... not said dun have a ger at all ma...

[ jovan* ]
at 9:28 AM

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