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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

shit .. so many place blackout.. moi hs black black for 45min wor.. heng got candle.. tough light..+ fan..lolx..hougang now still no light.. i c out still dark dark de..lenie ur there still black out ma...? took a few pic when black out.. cant really c any things.. onli some candle light n tough light.. n ppl playing fire cracker..-_-\\...lolx.. how i wish balckout another time... so fun.. althought is hot... =p
tis pic is the view outside moi window when black out.. the little light is metal hospital... den the black patch on the left is hougang..right is moi oppsite block...
candles tat i light @hm when black out... lolx

[ jovan* ]
at 11:09 PM

Monday, June 28, 2004

hehe..jus change my blogskin...my computer can go net le!!but keyboard not working-__-||...so i am still using my papa de com... ke lian papa cannot use...
slacking at baobei hs on friday bah..nv go anywhere...anyway tok to lenie on the phone at night for a couple of hours..till baobei n hao said tat "tok so long haven tok finish , mounth not pain arh.."..lolx... is a gurls tok.. lucky moi baobei keep playing gun bound.. so i nv pei him,he nv angry...muhaha... or else i wont be able to tok to lenie worx...n i still dnnot noe tat we have the same "tinking"...until we tok abt it...both of us are noe poka dotz jiemei... we love poka dotz lots ... n we tok abt our future.. lolx..lenie .. i sure will let u be their gan ma de.. hehe... lenie i love u too... muack..watch soccer after tat... argh i loss $10 ..=[..saded.. no $$ le worx..got to slp a few hr den woke up 10am... sat laio wor...went to jurong swim swim wit baobei de didi, lenie n hao, ting, jan n dree... ting, jan n dree was slaking at the wave pool most of the time.. the rest of us was playing those waves.. blah blah blah....it was very packed will ppl worx.. den headed to the coffeeshop eat..jan when hm .. tng n dree also left le.. so left the few of us..ate hao le.. baobei papa come n pick us up wor..so gd... drop lenie n hao @ hao de hs there den when back to baobei hs...gosh.. i am so sleepy.. but i stay awake.. coz nite still going fishing... firsly when to punggol there de canal.. so scary.. like must walk thought a forest n it was so dark...den we headed punggol end... woOo.. tis time no crab.. but caught abt 8 fish... n 2 harmi-crab.. hehe.. when hm abt 5am...after having a very very early breafast/supper.. lolx.. slept till 4pm sunday le.. den i wake up.. still damm tired...lucky baobei mama cook so no need go outside eat..=]... yummy..den slack at baobei hs nor.. he dye his hair black le.. start skool le..den at night papa come pick wo go hm le... i miss moi baobei... cant get to slp leh.. n now still got ghost show to watch.. baobei sorry said 12am slp.. now haven sleep...sry.. sry...

[ jovan* ]
at 1:52 AM

Friday, June 25, 2004

erm... watch ghost show right now.... read lene blog jus before i came n blog.... lennie cheer up... sorry for noeing jus now but not earlyer.. i wan to tell u.. no matter wa we gurl n ur dearie care for u lots.. pls dun be sad n cheer up... we must be happy !! went to tingy blog too... she cut her hair.. look so diffrent... but she look dmm cute wit tat hair worx... hehe... going to www tis sat wit my gurls n my baobei... wont be blogging..coz tmr staying at baobei hs....miss my gurls lots... it had been a long time since we had not meet all together in a grp...hehe... get my n level de timetable... going to zhonghua sec for exam... argh.. i dun even noe anyone at there.... hiaz.... y not amkss...haha... jus hope tat i will score well forn bah.... =p...

[ jovan* ]
at 2:04 AM

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

erm nv go anywhere special or anyting special.. so happy.. going to wild wild wet tis sat.. gona have sme fun there.. lene n hao... ting, dree, lunnie r going too.. hehe.. jan:comfirm le tell wo.. when to some side..found some pic... so nice n cute.... den i copy it ..=x muhaha...

muhaha...lene th bear bear tat pic for u... ur fav right... hehe...

[ jovan* ]
at 12:08 AM

Sunday, June 20, 2004


staying at baobei hs last few day... was a little sick now.. when fishing yesterday nnight till today morning... sianz.. haha.. cathch a little small crab nia.. muhaha... den woke up n go to andy de "cousin" de birthday.. yongqi happy 4th birthday
(hope tat i nv spell worng.. hehe...) at punggol... den when home le till now still infront com..still a little sick... gonna rest more... haiz.. sianz.. i gonna start skool tomorrow.. omg is damm fast.. a week is not enough.. stupid bmc... whaha...
gurls:find one day go wild wild wet.. tingy , jan , lene... said wan but nv said daye.. muhaha... comfirm de day le tell wo worx.. miss u all lots..

[ jovan* ]
at 5:47 PM

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

some random pic i took yesterday lo... hehe....

[ jovan* ]
at 1:27 PM

Monday, June 14, 2004

still got manypic.. but i lazy to to upload le...hehe

09 june 2004 - 13 juane 2004

when to genting highland on the first day....reach there abt 3+pm... the coach is damm slow when going up to genting.... nv go to the outdoor theme park again....=[.. baobei dun wan play wit me.. den at last we went to the hunted house de in the indoor theme park... den when to levis shop shop... me n baobei both bought a jean.. hehe... cheaper den s`pore.. y dun buy.. mhahha....den when to eat eat.. walk walk den sianz le ..den when back to the room le lo.. den again hungry ... when to pizza hut buy pizza go room eat...erm nv took any pic at genting... haha...

when to cameron highland the 2nd day.. the road was damm ... ture here n there... pengz...go there see strawberry ..etc... sainz... but the weather there m ther view there damm nice... got sunshine but the wind is so the cold.. n the hotel no aircon de worx... -___-||

when to penang the 3rd day....when to dunno wat temple tat day... den got many road side store.. got one store see fake branded goods de... hehe.. i bought a dior de sling bag n baobei bought a lv wallet... hehe...den at nitez we walk go pasa malam eat .. the food there nice ppl also alot..hehe..

when to ipoh the 4th day.... tis is the most boring day... go here n there all cave de...but the hor fun there is damm nice.... hehe intend to go to the pasamalam near the place we eat but... it was onli 8+pm n the pasamalam open at 10+pm.. so when to the shopping walk walk... bought myself a cliqune eyelinner n eyebrown pencle...also bought two japjap de cloths.. lols.. whoo... when out of the shopping i saw fire works worz.. so happy... n there got funfair .. but everyone was tired le.. den no ppl wan pei wo go.. so at last go back hotel le lo...

when to malacca the 5th day... last day le wor.. i so happy can be back to singapore le.... go all the history type of place lo... so siannz... den bought some honey... den when back to singapore le... i miss my hm so much...

[ jovan* ]
at 12:22 PM

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

tomorrow go oversea le.... today last day blog le... will be back at 13june04..hehe... i will miss u gurl.... see u all soon...=PPp

[ jovan* ]
at 10:46 PM

Saturday, June 05, 2004

erm.. sorry .. so long nv update le....busy tis day.. meeting my baobei everday so i dun have a little time to write..hehe...when to seoul garden n eat ytd wit baobei.... jus ate a little nia..i am not feeling tat well..haiz... wat a waste..btw some lamer tis days are always coming to moi blog n create troble..i jus dun gif a damm of it lo... i saw i delete... jus not as boliao as them ... haha.... ok la.. btw gurls...sry tat i am not going enjoy urself....take care...

[ jovan* ]
at 10:10 AM

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