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Monday, February 28, 2005

took all tis pic ytd wit moi web cam... going off to bath n meet moi gers for a interview @10am.. for Lancom de beauty advisor job.... go prepare le... cya... =Ppp

[ jovan* ]
at 8:16 AM

reply of tags...

jan:si lao sai u luff me... sob... but nvm la.. i noe i look toot last time.. muhaha... next time i put better old pic of moiself ... =ppp

skgurl:i look lian??? i dun tink so i look so toot in all tis pic... heng now not tat toot.. or else can bang wall le...

yili:lolx... i last time very toot hoh.. muhaha ...btw thanksz...

passerby:erm tis is brush u need to have psp8 n tat butterfly brushs to make it...

summer:ya lo no gd is tat no screen... wat i like is damm small...=p

xiu:thanks.. btw dun be alone.. must cheep up .. ok?

tzewei:ok.. thanks... i will link u asap....

^.^meiyun:last time not cute is toot...lolx... den now is ugly not pretty but lucky not tat toot laio.. lolx...... btw ipod shuffle 512mb de cost $178...

[ jovan* ]
at 8:07 AM

Sunday, February 27, 2005

lolx... i am to lame at hm so i do tis... tis is some of e pic me n baobei took from 2001 till now... compare how i look i see those 2001 n 2002.. i look damm toot... see already bwg.. funni like hell.. enjoy viewing.... missing moi baobei lots...

shir <3 andy

[ jovan* ]
at 3:06 PM

finally sis help me bought moi ipod shuffle... love it <3 ... keke.. i jus get e 512Mb de instead of e 1gb.. i am broke.. cant spend tat much... n i dun hear tat much song.. i will onli hear n hear e song i like.. so wat for waste money to get a more ex wan... btw 4gb mini ipod price had drop to $348.. coz e 6gb have been launch..... ipod shuffle is so hard to use.. e button is damm hard to control... coz is too small le.. a little bigger den a lighter nia... but i can said is so light n e sound is v gd... cheap n gd.. lolx... cya...=p

[ jovan* ]
at 2:23 PM

Friday, February 25, 2005

me.. me n baobeix2

moi bestiee sister...
me n baobei .. me n sweetie.. me n twinny

4th jiemeis taking pic in cp toliet -___-||

took all e above pic a cp ytd when we r slacking at cp.... when off to amk in e evening wit e girls... n the freaking 159 driver bus plate no 534 .. damm xia lan... took moi baobei card dun return... said cannot use he mus take back... n den said moi baobei lenie old... so rude.. so humji.. ask us complain dun gib us no. dun gib us ur name.. complain wat.. humji kia... machim we kids is for u tis old driver to bully.. we r not tat young till dunno how to complain lo.. call 100 n ask for e no n we can get e no. to complain le.. stupid.. complain laio not a single word from ur mouth.. n as for ur name is on ur uniform.. u dun said we also got eyes can see.. u r so stupid n humji...crazy old buss driver.. knn... dun let me see u again... wish u kanna fire.. no job..whole family die.... below is e pic of his face.. lalala.. =PppPppppppppp i hate u .. freaking bus driver of bus 159

[ jovan* ]
at 12:08 PM

Thursday, February 24, 2005

1st n 2nd pic:me.. 3rd:lenie n me.. 4th:me n lenie meiemei

all tis pic took in super cut after me n baobei lenie cut our hair.. any diffrent?? keke... ytd whole day at cp... slack wit lenie n lunnie.. den lunnie when hm eat lenie mei mei come down nor.. nth to much to write.. mostly slack eat n walk at cp nia.. =Ppp ...

[ jovan* ]
at 2:06 PM

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

nth to do at hm so i printed out some pic of me n frenz.. n den do moi rm deco... keke... mei mei bah.. =Pppp

have been drinking chinese tea e whole day... i love chinese tea.. n it will cure moi sickness... feel much better now.. =Ppp chinese tea rox....=ppp

baobei gib me e flower...

throw away everything accept e rose... it started to spoil le.. sob.... left 11 rose.. one of e rose spoil too jislat cant save.... e rest of it i gona make it become dry flower.. keke... =Ppp

[ jovan* ]
at 8:53 PM

Monday, February 21, 2005

i am awake!!! it was onli 6.3+am now.. gosh... i am sick till going die... coughing till i bth... running nose all e way... n having a fever on n off... i am so sleepy... but i jus cant get to slp well.. all thank to i am sick.. sick sick sick... n i am still going to a training at winsland for loreal demo expertise at 9am.. n i start work today @ bugis seiyu for 3 day maybeline beauty advisor job... end moi training at 12 n i gona reach bugis by 12.3.. wtf... such a rush here n there......... argh..... sick sick sick.... i feel so uncomfotable...=[

[ jovan* ]
at 6:27 AM

Sunday, February 20, 2005

i gib baobei de things few days back... bought him a levis t-shirt tat i own him bf new yr till now... n made some coco for him.. baobei lenie also make for hao.. keke.. =Ppp do a hand-made card too.. blah.. is so ugly...=pPpp... one more mth plus n we gona be 4th yr anniversary le.. =pp i love baobei , baobei love me...=x

when to suntec in e afternoon wit baobei.. he bought me a dozen of rose den when back amk le...so happy.. but baobei pocket sure broken a whole de...=x

when to find baobei on friday evening... nv go anwhere.. slack at his hs.. at night baobei when to pak billard so i when to mark attendent wit lunnie.. meet lunnie le den slack around till 1+pm den we headed ms.. when to rush .. nv got e time to go angel.. den slack at ms8 wit jan n frenz... after tat jan when to sparks so me n lunnie headed hm.. =pP i when to find baobei .. meet him at market... he also haven slp.. -___-|| intend to go zoo on sat morning.. but we will too sleepy so again nv go zoo.. lolx...

[ jovan* ]
at 7:48 PM

Friday, February 18, 2005

me n baby pooh/mickeyX2..lenie n mickeyX1..lunnie n mickey.minnieX2

lazy to blog .. stay out late tis days.. ton almost everyday.. i am tired .. so tis blog will onli be pic n more pic...

took tis pic at starbuck when we happen to saw ling at cp.. den we when to uncle ringo .. spend lots of $$.. broke soon.. =[[

[ jovan* ]
at 1:30 AM

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

nth to do n i create another animation... i noe is ugly but i dunno how to use e program.. jus play for fun.. =Pppp all i wan said is i love n miss moi baobei.. =p

lunnie n me ytd at 628 market eatting wit lenie mei mei after going for a last min swim jio by lenie mei mei.. =Ppp

[ jovan* ]
at 2:53 PM

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


happy valentines to all couple out there... especially to...
:lenie & haoie
:tingy & jinghui
:lunnie & ah long
:jeany & alwin
:janice & me.. lolx..=x
p.s=sry jean if i spell wring ur bf name.. =x

when to meet baobei at 4+pm.. intend to wait up at 5.3pm to tink where to go.. at e end i fall a sleep.. dun feel like going where.. i am so sleepy.. den woke up abt 7+pm.. intent to buy food go hm cook buy nv.. coz late le den baobei need go skool tmr.. so when to have our dinner den when to amk central n bought mouse [for com de].. me n baobei bought one each.. omg e mouse is damm chio e light change n change.. bth.. sumore it is v small n no mouse ball.. =p.. den later headed hm le nor.. goIng to zoo next week.. yeah.. =Ppp
tis is e mouse i mention tat i jus bought.. take snap shot of it n make into animation.. =pp

picture tat i took today.. @home ,@baobei hs & @cabbie


me n lunnie taken @ moi hs downstair b4 meeting baobei lenie.. after meeting lenie .. we when amk .. lenie wan repair hp.. meet jan at amk bus stop den when to lunnie hs eat steamboat.. wah paing damm nice nor... eat till saio.. yummy.. den tingy n her bf come n lunnie bf also come.. eat hao le.. we for ger go ton.. sen tingy when hm..coz she having skool tmr.. =Ppp hope to see u girls soon n go uncle ringo.... =Ppp

[ jovan* ]
at 12:17 AM

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