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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I pass my TP!!!!

glad that i pass my TP in one try..... hehehehe....
30/oct/2008 a date not to forgot... IS A SPECIAL DAY.

Enrollment - 23/6/08
BTE - 8/7/08
BTT - 14/7/08
FTE - 28/7/08
FTT- 2/8/08
start my practical on 4/8/08
from stage 1~5 .. 22 practical lesson... i am lousy, i stuck at 1.06 & 2.06. =[
7 extra revision lesson .. i know i am super kiasu..

spend a total of SGD$2259.57

thought i nearly fail wit total 16 demerit points.... but i am still super duper happy... at least i pass..hehe.... heng arh.... get to miss BBDC already ... =[ .... do i still have chance to step into BBDC? pehape one year later when i upgrade my license to from 3A to 3... or few mths later when i get my mind to learn bike...

specially thanks to my group instructor G8004 ... especially 2 of my instructor... Mr Seetho T.W. & Ong W.K. Robert..... & lastly Lee X.Y. not to be inside the circuit when i was having my test....lolx.... Thanks to my tester Mr. Teo EE Hiang... & those frenz & instructor who wish me good luck before my TP. =] THANK YOU!!

Morning sessions for the driving test are the most coveted. The rumour is that more people pass in the morning...though perhaps not for the first session of the day when it is peak hour and need to fight against morning traffic in Teck Whye/Gombak. I took the third session... which is 10:15am.... “quite ok lah” .. but the there are many car in the circuit when i am having my warm up at 9:15am as well as the test at 10:15am. The actual test is a little disorienting for a first-timer but lucky i had seetho my instructor to guard & bring me all around... when warm up i messed up with my parallel parking lucky my instructor let me do it again & again, didn't manage to go tru the whole test route before going back to bbdc. There is a waiting time for about of about 20~30 min before the candidates in my batch are called. I get route 3, i am so scared! firstly is Teck Whye & secondly i need to do a U-turn, which i am still damm not confident with..my name gets called, and I go down to the car....My tester is very calm and gives instructions clearly and fairly early but he look very strict. Other school cars (a BBDC tradition) were giving way to me since I was doing my test but i could said is still not all but some as the circuit is pretty pack. I do my ramp,slope,directional change, the S course, parallel parking, vertical parking and the crank course...aftermax out i go to the road. No e-brake.. hehe...I am still waiting for e-brake. finish my road & when back to BBDC with so many mistake....=x go to the testers’ with my tester. Sit there & waited for the tester to print the result out..the tester said & all those mistake.... congrat me that i had passed & ask me process downstairs to watch the video. I passed on my first time! =] ..... most prob celebration tmr night with my bbdc instructors... =]

*btw there is a gd friend of mine which tell me.. "when tp, u bring along a nail (nail not screw), u will pass your tp the first time u go" althought i dun really belive in all this but there is no harm trying right? and guess wat.. i manage to pass... so do all my friend who take a nail with them when they are having thier TP. Guys out there u may give it a try!

[ jovan* ]
at 2:22 PM

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wild Wild Wet 19 Oct 2008
-Family Outing-
Andy & Family . Tian Lai & Family

Andy & Me

Chan's Little family

Chan's Little family take 2.... haiz jovan still close his eyes.... sunshine too shine??
Little kiddos in their lifejackets....

[ jovan* ]
at 2:31 PM

Happy 2nd Birthday my little Jovan..... 26sept2008

i noe i am back.. i only update his pic after a mth.... =x

[ jovan* ]
at 2:27 PM

Friday, October 17, 2008

H2 ... 10/oct/08

Finally had our ladies chill-out night after so long... Stephiey was supposed to join us but she had her own plans...Anyway, we're deciding on where to chill-out, KTV or pubbing... Jacqueline suggested H2 @ Hometeam JOM off balestier road to look for Xiaoxue... It's really been a long time since I last saw Xiaoxue...Headed for supper with AJ, Jacqueline, Xiaoxue & her sister and we continued our catching up session... i left 1st as i am not feeling well... i cant drink wit a empty stomach??? lousy drinker i sld said.. haha....

L-R : Ralia,me,AJ,xx,jacq & extra de lenie.... haha...
i look like a malay in this pic lo... the rest are so fair... i am so dark.... =x

[ jovan* ]
at 11:13 AM

Amk Mac ~ Ikea ~Airport... 12/oct/08

baobei fetch me to amk mac to meet up with AJ & jacq with the kiddo.... sry for being so late.... after max we intend to go ECP.. by KPE... in e end... we end up at ikea.. not a bad idea ... i tink those kiddo is having a nice time there.... headed to have our lunch.. dinner??? ikea was like so pack that day.. luckly we still manage to find a table... left those kiddo with jacq & helper... AJ & me headed to buy our meals..... suprise that jovan nv cry when i was not ard... i tink we had beening queing for abt 1/2hr....

the So MANY food we order..

Jovan doing his stun... pattern laio laio.... like mother like son... =x

playfull jovan

My little Jovan & me...
after meal.... we headed to walk ard ikea... there is a place where there are many many soft toy in a "cage" .... & the kiddos will happly playing away with those soft toy... therfore i took a shark & frighten the 3 of them.. haha... & they are like running & screaming around.... muhahha....

i frighten kayden.... catch in action.. =x

Jabez trying to ride on the hippo....
headed to airport aftermax as AJ need to fetch her PIL.... jacq left.... we walk ard... as aj is waiting to fetch her PIL & i am waiting for my parents to bring me & jovan hm....

AJ took her cam & snap snap the kiddo..

[ jovan* ]
at 10:37 AM

Saturday, October 11, 2008

ytd when formy driving lesson again.... kana one instructor that i nv meet b4 since day 1.... & he is one of my grp instructor lo.... ok.... he complete 3 test route & circult ytd... he told me i drive pretty well.. if tp like tat comfirm pass............ haha i so happy... but heng sway lo.. later i see tp forgot everything also lppl... =x... lucky that there is still one little thing to make me happy.........

sometime i jus cant understand ........ wat did i own u in my previous life.... every time when i jus try to put more effort on this relationship... try to understand u more a bit .. all the rubbish thing jus pop out.........why... i am totaly damm disappointed of you.... time after time ... chance after chance......... think for urself how many time did i help u regards of $....... yet ... instead of changing to a better... wats a diff.... u can tell me i will not do it again... i learn my lesson.... hahaha not even 2days...... same things happen again..... maybe i am jus too stupid to return for you... making me in such a pityfull stage........JUST RETURN ME MY MONEY!!!

[ jovan* ]
at 12:48 PM

Friday, October 10, 2008

when for my driving lesson ytd...waste $$ la coz i complete... but i wan make sure i am confident enough b4 my tp... so add on lesson.... Recently i am lucky... hehe.... i keep kana car 121 recently... my fav car + fav instructor Mr Robert Ong.... finish my Circult den out i go to clementi..... bukit timah.... den back to gombak & back to school.... Pray hard i will get 121 again today... & hopefully 121 for my tp .... i dun like other cars.... =x

[ jovan* ]
at 9:20 AM

Thursday, October 09, 2008

present my long lost little jovan.... =x... i am jus too lazy to upload... switching ard with 2 mobile & one digital cam.. there fore my picture are all here & there.....

little jovan over @ hubby hs... act as if he can play my psp... -___-
a day to Zoo....

a day to white dog... Vivo with my young mummies.....

Lantern Festival

i cover my eyes coz my dark circle was too terrible to be seen that day...

thats all for the time being... Jovan 2nd birthday pic is still in my laptop... now in my office computer...... so therefore unable to update....

driving lesson today ... tomorrow.... i wan chiong more extra lesson b4 TP thought i complete those that are require.... jus pray hard i need not go for 2nd rd of tp.... pray very very hard..... 21 more days to gd.....argh... help me!!!

[ jovan* ]
at 3:14 PM

Monday, October 06, 2008

i am so sick..... =[[ ... running nose... coughing non stop from morning ... =[ .... worst! i still have my driving lesson after work.... OMG...gosh.... but i am not going to cancle.. tp on 30oct.. all the best to me....

i need some rest!!!

[ jovan* ]
at 5:02 PM

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