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Saturday, March 22, 2008

my new gaget... =] KS20... is much better den i expected.... when to Main M1 to cheack out his phone... they are already out of stock for main M1 shop lo.... so i when to m1 authorise dealer to puchase.. luckly their price is the said as main m1... took half day on 19march as meeting bb for sky dining at night... when to LV to get my Ribera mini for service as the gold hardware is turnish when i bought but i am in a rush.... & when i wanted to service it.. the que was usually so long.... but heng heng tat day no que... i am tempted for another bag again...selaya MM or PM... argh... =x.... no $$ laio... i wan SAVE SAVE.... but i had spend so much on my facial.. etc... =x.....

co increment laio... but i nv get.. saded...hr said 6mth b4 had increment de wont get increment now... $%^&*()_..... lolx.. but ok la.... afterall not very much... so got increment or not, not much diff... my OT per mth more den that.. lolx..=x.......

damm leong this mth & i still own jovan acct 2k plus lo... how to pay back..... & i am damm lazy to do OT.. diedie.... save save save...

gona sleep soon hardly slp at such a late hr since jovan is ard.. unless i when out at night lo... tata.. nitez....

[ jovan* ]
at 3:22 AM

Thursday, March 20, 2008

this will be a super duper long post.... =x

happy 2nd yr wedding anni... 19march06
happy 7th yr anni.... 22march01

celebrate our 2yr wedding anniversary over at sky dining.... =] thanks baobei for the suprise.. althought i guess it b4 hand.. hehe... =p

let the pictures do the talking....
Diamond Set

our menu...

1 rd.. Cream of Tomatto Soup Served With Garlic Crostini...

2nd round Pan-Fried fish fillet in cajun spice served wit sauteed garden vegetable and mashed potatoes & Grilled chicken with pommery mustard jus served with sauteed garden vegetables n potato wedges.. *ps sorry too hungry had eat the grilled chicken b4 taken the pic... lolx.. haha

with red wine... but it test so awfull... blah... nv even try a little...

Chocolate BrownieServed with chocolate sauce and strawberry coulis

& a suprise 12Roses

btw is a waste baobei get the diamond set instead of Sapphire Set coz is diffrent due to the price of the wine tat we nv even drink... & the dessert is diff...
* so ppl out there if u dun drink the wine... must as well get the saphire set.. unless u wanted the broniew that much....

baobei is very rude to tok on the phone lo... lolx.. kidding..

baobei was talikng on the phone ... therefore self take.. hehe

it had been so long so long since i had take picture with him lo......

more to go... is my flash too bright tat cause baobei eyes like tat??

misc pic taken during sky dining....

nv take much.. pretty giddy in the cable car... & there is not much to take....sentosa site seem so much renovation coming on.... =x

wanted to take a futher pic.. but the cable car is too small... =[[ so in the end.... hahaha....

super act cute... testing out my digicam...

while waiting for the next rd of food.... cam woring again.... =p i noe i very zilian....

baobei thank you..=]

in the end... we walked down mt faber... home sweet home.....

[ jovan* ]
at 11:45 PM

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Q:must do confinement like those who just gave birth?
A:as long as u have to terminate a pregnancy regards of abort or miscarrage, it is best to have a mini confinement and recuperate ur body. It is more hurting to ur body than giving birth. the duration of your confiment depend on how many mth you abort/miscarrage.

Q:after abortion, cannot anyhow eat?
A: If you can, the best not.. as is more hurting to ur body than giving birth.. you sld get tonic etc.. to recuperate ur body. No cold drinks & those "cold" food for a mth will be prefer...

Q: How did you know you were pregnant? Just because your period didn't come on that particular month? Or what?
A: As for my #1 i start to vomit & giddy even before i miss my mense( tis happen during the first three mths) the rest of the mth till birth.. i will still vomit but not as frequent as the first three mths... same go to my #2... as i am very hyper ger during non-preg days.. but during preg... i felt much weaker.... & i get tired easily... every people is diffrent.. so it depend....As for my #1 i test with clear blue 2days before i miss my mense but i still get a postive... (the line may seem very faded) #2 i test onli after missing for one week.. (by then the line is more obvious).

Q:Reliable place for abortion / gib birth
A: that depend on you. To go Govt Or Private.. Private may have diffrent price.. what i can my gyne is pretty ex.. regard of antenatal check up.. labour.. abort... i when back there as i had my first labour ( c-section birth ).

i dont't encourgae you peeps to abort.. if you are legal age to gib birth.. why not... it may restrict you to do many things... but tink back.. you can relax at a early age too... & there will not be so many complictation if you gib birth at a earlyer age... pls tink twice before you regret.. my advise is best is to consult both side parent before anythng things done.. =]

*if possiable ... pls add me at msn xueni_87@hotmail.com instead of tagging my tag board with lots of Q... Thanks!

[ jovan* ]
at 9:32 AM

Monday, March 17, 2008

This is My Gyne,

Blk 721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
Singapore 560721

Telephone: 6459 2833
Website: www.drjen.com.sg

I give birth my 1 child c-section .. 4k for op... consutation from 3mth to birth 600.. not inculde all the things/medication....

As for abort.. i abort it when i was 1mth 2week +...

1st consultation $250

abort $580

after 2week.. go back for check up.. medication going $200...

Hope i help u ppl out there... do think twice before tat....

[ jovan* ]
at 6:36 PM

Sunday, March 16, 2008

had shorten my fake hair lenght & i try to curl it at hm... how i wish it was my actual hair ... =[[

had done so much OT recent.. total of 32hrs .... it sld be more but due to i started my OT late... $$$$ .. money is afterall very impt isn't it... if i dun work hard to earn.. who can i take from... i dun take from my parent neither i take from you...

IE is so lag.. i duno is my lappy giving me problem or is there somthing wrong with my lan... some site are freaking lag tat i need to refesh so many time b4 it cld appear...

not in a mood to blog... too much things happen recently.... i am so tired.. i need a break... all i want now is more money....


[ jovan* ]
at 5:04 PM

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My poor little boy is down with a fever, flu & cough... =[[ hope he get well soon... or my poor parent will be super tired...... as he cry at night when he start cough... althought he have 5 medication to take... he hardly sleep in the morning & afternoon... & he walk ard in the hs for the whole day... climb uo & down... & fall down a few times..... as he is seh seh.. but he just dun wish to sleep.. & this make my super dote him parent to keep a very very close eyes tis days.. & worst when he is ill now... haiz....

Had shift over to the back..... clear my front desk before i left office... i dunno i had so much things over there....cant even finish packing yet.. & i only left office abt 9+pm... sitting infront of lao da & beside my sale executive.. cannot play com so much... althought lao da nv scold me for playing com.. but no gd no gd... kinda of miss infront.. freedom.. but at least can get away from
those phone call when i am so busy but diedie must listen life... =] but at least my wish come tru... i am going to start revamp my office behind with nikki when uly left ... is too messy for me & her... =x.... how i can adapt staying behind instead of my front desk.. byebye AV Media .. Abtus here i come... hooray...!!! Wont be updating tis few days ba... super busy.. haven done wit my marketing report & weekly report... & worst i had not update my AR seem yrs.....zZzzzz

after a few days of extention.. althought i love long pretty hair.. but i dunno if the standards of emanage drop or am i tat unlucky tat this batch of hair sux.. total extention of 44hair which cost me 290... & i drop off 3 of it in less den a week... & i left with 40 now... not only that.. the tangle make me going crazy... worst & worst.. even if i blow dry & straighten my hair, the next day i wake up & my hair go super tangle again.... gosh... getting some clip on extendtion from the net... hopefully that will be better den this... & i no need to sleep with death ppl hair every night... =x.... had shorten the lenght of my extention but still same problem & it seem to have more & more spilt end...

Swollen Eye.. make me go without make up for the whole week...=[[[[

[ jovan* ]
at 11:30 PM

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