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Sunday, May 30, 2004

mIssInG moi oLD hAir sTyle althought is not style or wat but is simple..lolx.... was busy this day... so nv write... always wit moi baobei... so lo.. no time to write moi blog.... baobei skool holiday le... he went to dye his hair.. dunno wat colour.. but tat look nice on him... so nice.. wink wink.. hehe... btw i miss u gurl lots... free ask me out worx.... arh bo.... i am gone... going off on 09june04... going malaysia for 5 day... go genting..cameron highland... penang.. ipoh n malacca .. ofcoz cant leave mooi baobei alone... he is going wit me..hehe... n moi mama n papa....=PPpp

[ jovan* ]
at 10:54 AM

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

hehe.. dye moi hair.. patchies of pink today.. hehe so happy.. but is too bright till too bright le.... hehe next time den update... i go tok to baobei le.... =Ppp cya

[ jovan* ]
at 10:21 PM

Monday, May 24, 2004

feeling boliao .. so when to cut my hair dis afternoon... tis hair style damm weird leh.. i look damm kiddy wit tis style... omg.. look like i am onli 14yr old instead of 17yrs old..lolx... but i somehow like it.. keke.. is style.. =x... lolx.. i am getting to dye patches on moi hair tis friday.. more pic will be upload... cya... baobei jus cook hao.. i go eat le..... yumMmy...

[ jovan* ]
at 5:53 PM

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

erm nv when anywhere today nor...avtually early early go baobei hs de... but he forgot put key gib me.. make me walk here n there... =[[... den he recess go take key from him den zZzzz at his hs till 3 pls... den headed to moi hs zZzzz...=pPp

jus some random pictures.. =Ppppp
i nv put any makeup.. so ugly ....dun puke hoh..
tis 2 pic taken when my eye like fishball tat day lo... look very funny hoh.... lucky now much better le... =p

[ jovan* ]
at 11:19 PM

Sunday, May 16, 2004

when to marina square.. den suntec.... den bugis.. walk till my leg pain pain.... -__-|| first time we walked till a so long hours.... den when back to baobei hs at night... den i started to rub my eye... till now its swollen like fish ball.. my left eye is damm red.. eEee.... sob.. need to have some rest le....
took tis two pic when i went to the "durain".. the merlion there n see the big big balloon last week... keke

[ jovan* ]
at 11:10 PM

Saturday, May 15, 2004

meet baobei after skool nor... slack at baobei hs till evening.... intented to go to moi hs de.. den we sit the wrong bus... wanted to sit 262 but when to sit 136 .. -__-|| so we decided to go to punggol to see his auntie .. etc.. n the baby....his auntie so gd... cooked for us to eat... yump.. btw her dish is all very delicious... den she gave as "yummy" eat.. it use to be a big de.. but tat wan is so many so cute... i jus simply love it... she went to the supermarket n but after we left baobei auntie hs.... hehe.... n headed moi hs... bought a packet of coco n a packet of stabreey de.. below got the pic... hehe...
coco de.. cute mah... isnt it small...=p

[ jovan* ]
at 11:00 PM

Thursday, May 13, 2004

erm... when to sentosa yesterday wit baobei.. so happy... when to soliso beeach... when to swim swim... firstly we seat the monorail go... over shot.. den we gonna sit one round again to go over there... -___-||.. reach there tat time already sian1/2.. the monorail damm hot... lolx... change n when swim swim.. the water so dirty + salty de... eEee.. hehe but i like the place lots... nice nice.... hehe... first time n baobei go swim worx.... i love my baobei lots.. muack.... took a few pic...

[ jovan* ]
at 9:59 PM

Sunday, May 09, 2004

@ baobei hs... at midnight... baobei ride bycicle n longpang me from amk to sengkang... sorry baobei.... tired u le.... hehe... first time like tat ... so far..... =PPp love u baobei.....

[ jovan* ]
at 7:38 PM

Saturday, May 08, 2004

took tis pic on thursday.. jus crul my hair... hehe

erm.. sorry worx.. for a week nv blog le... firstly i wan said sorry.... nv went to birdie de b-day... really sorry... coz i was studying the next day my mama dun let wo so late go hm..... btw happy 17th birthday birdy...

when to meet baobei after his exam.... miss him so much... when to tpy when baobei n eddie.. coz eddie wan find phone n he wanted 8910... omg cant understand y he wan a phone tat has been out for so long... lolx.. when to have lunch at ljs.. den when back to amk le.... slack there for a while.. den when to moi hs le.... till now he still in my hs(sat).... wanted to go out at night(friday).. go cycle or wat de.. but is raining n not much ppl wanted to go.. -____-|| haiz... so all the way at my hs.... my babei still sleeping .. keke

when to army market after meeting baobei.... oOOoo.. is so near to the nicole highway.. so scary.. i can even see some part of the nicole hiighwat thing when i was passing by.... when army market to look for slipper... baobei wanted to change a new pair... sort of not much design left n many shop r close.. so we head bugis... when to the streets... there is a slipper/sandel.. look nice.. wit tat type of lv.. the square printing de... it cost $35... omg so ex... n they dun have a size tat fix my baobei... so he brought another one which is alike onli tat tat is no printing on it.. nice nice... =].... den i headed to the fake gucci shop n bought the wallet.... aiming for the fake gucci sling bag .. it look so nice.. but baobei said like auntie.. =[.. but when i have the money i will buy it.. =PPpP

[ jovan* ]
at 10:36 AM

Sunday, May 02, 2004

sorry ppl... it had been a long time since i last update.. sorry .. have been busy tis day.. interview for work.. going out wit friendz n baobei.... took a few pic wit baobei n frenz.... is all tis pic nice... lolx.. =p... i love it very much althought is a little blur......took it on 01may04 at jimmy hs.. =p...when to balestiar wit baobei n frenz .. there go there pak billard.. den abt 1+am den go hm... me n baibei headed moi hs.. so sweet .. we have been together for the whole weekend without leaving each other.. i love baobei so much.....

.. erm.. friday after skool meet baobei at 9+am in the morning... stay at his hs till abt 3pm den left to hougang mall n find ting... ying n audry was also there... ting n audry when there for their poly checkup... after tat headed foodcount to have some food den when to meet celine at mrt station....head clark quey to work... omg when we reach there we cant find the hotel... -____-|| so we sit a cabbie down instead... we r nearly late... change to the "qi bao".. make our hair n make up.. jus take the company flag n jus walk for a while.. end of the work... n i get $60 buck.. is so worth.. so short time n many cash.. me n celine even bring the "qi bao" home.. coz it was pink in colour... below got a pic i took wit celine de.. we took many but tingy haven send me n i haven past the cable to celine for transfering the pic.... =p so i onli got one at the main time.. =PPpp

[ jovan* ]
at 4:04 PM

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